Flower Pots



Koi dart in and out of the rock formations, and water plants sway in the breeze.  The silky purple blossoms of the water hyacinths float around the pond, and the pristine white water lilies stretch toward the sun as the green King Tut palms shake their tasseled heads.  The water flowing over the waterfall splashes melodically into the pond, drowning out the sounds of the busy neighborhood.


Water Garden services:


  • All of our water gardens are environmentally friendly and self-sustaining.  They are built to maintain a natural environment.  The Koi fish, the water plants, rocks ,gravel,  and the natural, organic bacteria that populate the pond work together with the filter to create a perfect harmonious ecosystem that requires little maintenance.  The rocks break down the debris while the root systems of the water plants remove the solid wastes and the filter helps to keep the water clear.  Aside from feeding the Koi and emptying the skimmer box twice a week, your pond maintains the pristine, clear water that will become a natural habitat to tadpoles, frogs, dragonflies, hummingbirds, fish, and other birds.
  • The water gardens that we design include serpentine or multi-tiered waterfalls that spill into ponds with pristine clear water, ponds without waterfalls, and pondless waterfalls.  We help you to design the water garden of your dreams based on your space and interest.
  • You can cool off in your pond on a hot summer's day, and we design our ponds to be pet-friendly as well!